September 6, 2023

From Birmingham City Council:


In 2020, an area of on-street parking on Kings Heath High Street was suspended to create more space for pedestrians as part of the emergency Covid response.  This was done in good faith and in response to views expressed by parts of the local community as to how the environment and specifically air quality in the local centre could be improved.

Regrettably the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order required to suspend the parking has lapsed and was not extended within the required timeline nor replaced with a new permanent order.  Due to this procedural error it is not possible renew or extend the temporary arrangement and we therefore have no alternative but to remove the barriers currently in place.   This will take place on Thursday 7 September 2023.

We have subsequently carried out public consultation on a scheme to consolidate these changes on a permanent basis including widening the footway and making provision for Blue Badge (disabled) parking and loading/unloading.  These proposals have been well received by the wider community and support the aspirations in the Brandwood and Kings Heath Ward Plan.  Birmingham City Council remains committed to delivering this scheme.  However, the required permanent Traffic Regulation Order’s statutory consultation has only just concluded. A number of formal objections have been received and these will need to be handled in accordance with the appropriate legal and governance procedures before a final decision is made on the scheme proceeding to delivery.

Notwithstanding the requirement to comply with the spend restrictions in place in advance of the Council setting out and agreeing its Financial Recovery Plan, the funding allocated to this scheme comes from a ring-fenced grant which can only be spent on developing and building transport schemes; it cannot be reallocated to other council departments or spent on services which do not deliver a physical asset.


0 thoughts on “Update From BCC on High Street Barriers

  • Please continue with the scheme to remove the parking bays on High Street. All the research we have done in the past 15 years showed high levels of support for this in terms of both the environmental benefits and the improved visible amenities.
    I have worked with Kings Heath Residents Forum, local schools, arts and creative groups and Kings Heath Clean Air Project on this matter and the benefits in terms of air pollution and traffic congestion have always proved to outweigh perceived drawbacks for businesses and disabled drivers.

  • Lisa Blackburn says:

    Fantastic news! Now it will be easier for the disabled to find a space, and more options to catch passing trade for the shop keepers. I cannot believe the amount of money wasted on these unsightly dumps of plastic, over 70k! How is that justifiable?

  • Lewis Lucas says:

    Please remove the parking spaces and widen the pavements. The High Street is far to car dominated. It needs to be more pedestrian friendly. We need bollards along the pavements by the kerb to stop cars mounting the pavements.

  • Evan Ritchie says:

    While I’m not happy that we’ll have to deal with all the hassle that comes with on street parking, maybe this will give time for the council to add a cycleway to the proposed scheme. With Moseley working on plans for a safe cycleway through the village, now is the time to consider a cycle lane, not after other works have been carried out. It’s in keeping with the Birmingham Transport plan, after all.

  • What a shame due to lies from the idiot Martin Mullaney the community have to dodge dangerous traffic again now

    When will this man give up and get a hobby?

    • Kingsheath highstreet desperately needs more trees and large planters. Plus benches for our old folks and young mother’s. I’ve lived here all my life and it looks grey tired and soulless. We need to attract families and businesses to the highstreet.

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