June 6, 2024

Eid in Kings Heath 2024

Eid al-Adha  or ‘big Eid’ is one of the most important events for Muslims around the world. With our own large and diverse Muslim community in Kings Heath and surrounding areas of Birmingham, it’s only right that the celebration brings the whole community together to celebrate this important event together, whether personally religious or not.

This is why we’re proud to be once again supporting Soul City Arts for Eid in Kings Heath! The event was a roaring success last year, bringing artists, performers and thousands of people out to the Heath, and is set to be another brilliant event this year (weather permitting). Eid is predicted to fall around the 16th June this year, depending on sighting of the moon, but the Eid in Kings Heath event will take place on Sunday 30th June.

The event will feature a market, local artists and music to bring the local community together in celebration of this important event. It will take place on All Saints Village Square, in a poignant reminder of the inclusivity and tolerance of our local community which we’re all so proud of.

For more information about this year’s event, or to see what last year’s looked like, you can check out the Soul City Arts website.

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