LTN Resources

In 2020, as part of the Places for People project, Birmingham City Council introduced a Low Traffic Neighbourhood pilot scheme to Kings Heath and Lozells.

To find out more about the Places for People project please visit the Birmingham City Council website.


The BID and the LTN

Whilst the Kings Heath BID holds a neutral view on the project, as the scheme affects businesses in the area, the Kings Heath BID have created a dedicated space to ensure businesses who are pro and against the project have access to all the latest information.

The Kings Heath BID do not have any involvement in the project, Places for People is a Birmingham City Council led scheme. 

To ensure the voices of local businesses were heard the BID signposted businesses to important updates, consultation documents, secured business-only consultation events, and challenged the Birmingham City Council to ensure that problems identified would be considered.

The BID also submitted a comprehensive response to the project following consultation of BID businesses in the Kings Heath area.

The role of the Kings Heath BID is to ensure the opinions of the businesses affected by the LTN are heard by the Birmingham City Council and factored into decisions the Council makes regarding the Places for People scheme.

As of January 2023, Kings Heath BID has continued to keep businesses up to date with the Places for People project, including sharing the latest report from the Birmingham City Council, which can be found below.


Visit the Places for People website.

The latest update on the progress of the LTN can be found on the Birmingham City Council’s Birmingham Be Heard website, find a link below.

For Kings Heath BID’s consultation responses please find the links below.

For Correspondence between Kings Heath BID and Birmingham City Council, please find the link below.

For the Kings Heath Travel Map, please find the link below.