September 7, 2023

Place Support Partnership – A Case Study

Earlier this year, the BID began working with Place Support Partnership (PSP), a consultancy working nationwide with BIDs helping their members save money on essential overheads such as gas and electricity, telecoms and card processing payments (among other things).

PSP spent a day in Kings Heath, holding a drop-in clinic and then having a walk around the area, along with Matt, chatting to various businesses about what PSP does and how they can help.

One of the first businesses which attended the drop-in was the Juke Bar.

Based on York Road, the Juke is a small venue, but, like many other businesses across the area, owner Tom and general manager Adam, were becoming increasingly concerned about the rising costs of their utilities.

Following an initial chat, they took the straightforward step of digging out some recent bills and sending them securely to PSP.

What Tom and Adam quickly learned was that, not only was their current provider overpriced, but that also they had a reputation within the industry for poor customer service.

Within days, PSP offered the Juke a range of options for changing provider, along with breakdowns of cost savings and overviews of companies they could switch to.

A couple of months ago, when their contracts were due for renewal, Adam got back in touch with PSP with their preferred new supplier and PSP took care of everything, helping the business to switch and to look forward to lower costs for their gas and electricity.

“Rishi at PSP was really great to work with,” said Adam. “They listened to what we needed, answered all our questions honestly and were very prompt in getting information back to us. They made the whole process of switching really easy and I’m glad we made the decision to have a conversation with them. I’d thoroughly recommend them to any other business in Kings Heath.”

For more information about PSP and how they can help you to reduce your business costs, get in touch with Matt at: or on 07703 467712.

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