September 12, 2022
It has been confirmed that the day of the Queens Funeral, Monday 19th September will be a Bank Holiday.

With the announcement of the late Queens funeral taking place Monday 19th September and the confirmation of this being a bank holiday comes guidance from the government explaining working rules and days off. 

The government have said that it will be left to the businesses to decide with their employees whether this bank holiday will mean a day off work. There is no statutory entitlement to time off for bank holidays, some businesses may have contractual agreements stating that employees may have to work Saturdays/bank holidays, and this announcement should not interfere with their contracts. 

Despite the decisions being left to employers for some businesses, they have announced that schools will be closed

This bank holiday will mark the final day of the period of National Mourning, ultimately this day will allow for individuals, businesses and organisations to pay tribute to her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As stated previous, there is no entitlement to time off, it is ultimately a decision to be made by businesses and their employees but the government is encouraging employers to respond sensitively and consider carefully requests from workers who wish to take time off.

For more information please head over to the GOV website.

The Queens Funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday 19th September at 11am. Prior to the State Funeral, The Queen will Lie-in-State in Westminster Hall for four days, to allow the public to pay their respects – for more information on how you can pay your respects, attend ceremonial events, including the Lying-in State at the Palace of Westminster, click here

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