September 16, 2022
This September The New Photo Company opens its doors, welcoming a new exciting way to print your photos! Offering many more services than your average printing shop, plus you can also pursue the retail range and offering gifts and little trinkets to compliment your photos and home. 

However, this ‘new’ business may not be as new as you think. If you’re a long-term resident/shopper in Kings Heath you may have known about PhotoServ, the Kodak Express mini lab which operated on Institute Road for almost 30 years, known by many as the ‘magic man.’ The New Photo Company is owned and operated by the same family, keeping the business familiar for many. 

The New Photo Company is operated by Supreet, who has taken over his father’s business after his retirement, moving from Institute Road to the High Street

Staying with their core business of photo printing, they have introduced new services including Giclee printing (reproductions of original artwork), as well as designing a brand new, state-of-the-art photo studio and workshop – providing a space to inspire themselves and others.

It’s safe to say, owner Supreet has lots of photography experience. From watching his Mother and Father at work from a young age, to working as a photographer in India shooting stunning, vibrant weddings.

With the Capture Kings Heath photography competition in full swing, we caught up with Supreet to share some top tips for budding photographers!

Capture attention and interest 

Remember you don’t need to be a professional to take a great photo. The obvious things are light and composition, but a great picture will capture attention and interest even if it doesn’t tick all the boxes. 

For me, a great picture is either visually stimulating or tells some kind of story (emotional stimulation). Personally, I feel the best photos are a combination of the two; I want to know that the photographer successfully communicated a message to me in a way that’s visually stunning. 


Don’t be afraid to use your phone

It doesn’t need to be too technical, you can capture great photos with just your smartphone. Here are some top tips: 

  • Keep your hands steady so that the important details are in focus. Look for interesting angles so that the viewer can see the subject in ways that are unique to the photographer.
  • Play with light. Flat pictures can get boring so don’t be afraid of shadows, they add shape, depth and character. Try to tell a story if possible, it keeps the viewer’s attention for longer. 
  • Pay attention to the composition of the photo. If something is distracting, make the effort of changing your position and taking the photo over and over again until you get the shot.
  • Keep on shooting. Something interesting can happen at any given moment, so keep your phone/camera ready and just have fun. 


Think Quality 

As you may know, the winning images of the Capture Kings Heath competition are going to be printed and put on display around business in Kings Heath as part of the Growing Up Green festival activities – so here are a few things to keep in mind: 

When taking photos on a phone, make sure the pictures are high resolution so that they can be printed to any size without losing quality. Also, give extra space around your subject to allow for cropping when printing standard photographic sizes which most phone cameras are not set to.


Improve your craft

Study the basics and absorb a lot of great imagery. Try not to replicate other people’s photos too much, develop your own style and share your own message.

Photography literally translates to ‘drawing with light’ – every good photographer will learn how to use light to their advantage because it is one of the key elements that creates beautiful photographs. 

My biggest tip would be to take photos constantly, always improve your craft and take every opportunity to tell a story through your lens.

Kings Heath Park is a great place to get shots in Kings Heath. It’s big, bright and beautiful. The energy is uplifting and there are always dogs around so what could be better? 


We are extending the closing date until after the weekend! This is your last chance to get involved. 


  • There are three ways to win, including our new Under 18s category
  • There is a cash prize up for grabs 
  • The winning images will form an exhibition around Kings Heath as part of the Growing Up Green Festival. 

For more information on the competition and Growing Up Green please click here.

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