August 8, 2022
The Capture Kings Heath photography competition is back and this time we’re going green!

This year Capture Kings Heath has partnered with Growing Up Green, a children and family arts festival, their focus is all about exploring our connection with nature and climate activism. 

You know the drill, we’re asking you to take snaps of your favourite spots in Kings Heath but this year with a green twist! #capturekh22

You don’t need a fancy camera, just your smartphone will do. Maybe even grab a few friends and make a day of it. It’s a great way to get out and explore the area – just make sure you send your beautiful images to us at Enjoy Kings Heath… don’t forget, the winning photographer will win a cash prize! 

So, do you have a favourite shop that sources sustainably like The Jewellery Stop, or a favourite coffee shop like The Kitchen Garden Cafe, one of the many places in the area that cater to vegetarians and vegans, all sourced locally and ethically. Do you shop at a particular charity shop on the high street that’s full of hidden gems? What about a beautiful green space in the area? We want to see what you love about Kings Heath. Take a look at our previous years for some inspiration!

This is the 7th year running the competition and we hope by partnering up with Growing Up Green we can help the area become more environmentally conscious and encourage you to do your bit for the local area and beyond – it’s the little things we do to help the community and local environment that make all the difference. 

To enter it’s as simple as snapping a photo and sending it over to We’ve also added an under-18s category this year, along with our usual jury of expert judges, and the public vote – let’s celebrate nature on our doorstep. 

  • There are three categories each image will be judged under.
  • The winning images, plus 7 images that received the most votes from the public will form a Growing Up Green Exhibition!
  • These images will be on display in Kings Heath businesses as part of the Growing Up Green Festival of activity.

The Growing Up Green festival is running from 24th September – 2nd October 2022, with events planned in Kings Heath and across Birmingham and the Black Country. 

For more information click here to visit the Growing Up Green website and join the Facebook group here.

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