September 12, 2022
Phase two of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme to be introduced.

Places for people in Kings Heath aim to reduce traffic in residential areas, making it safer for people to walk and cycle, making the area a nicer place for children to play and neighbours to get to know each other. 

With the announcement of phase two of the scheme being introduced, places for people are asking for your views on local issues and suggestions on how the scheme would work close to your location. 

Places for People are inviting the people of Kings Heath to attend a face to face sessions throughout September, until the 1st of October – giving the people in the areas highlighted on the map a chance to discuss how the scheme will help the area and raise any concerns.

There will be public events, but also one event for businesses – taking place on Wednesday 28th September at 5pm – find out more here.

People can attend slots starting at 4pm, 5pm or 6pm depending on your availability – please note the topics spoken about will be the same in all sessions. There will be a brief presentation, you will then be invited to join and mingle between smaller group discussions on specific issues. 

Below is a detailed list of events, each covering a different coloured cell from the map provided. Please see which meeting will be most relevant to you and your area.


Please see below for the scheduled events and click the link to book your place.


All events will take place at Kings Heath Community Centre 








Please note booking is required.

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