November 28, 2023

It’s December, and that can mean only one thing; Christmas shopping. But why brave the crowds in the Bullring when everything you need is available in Kings Heath? From the essentials, to presents great and small, we’ve got you covered when it comes to all things Christmas gifts in Kings Heath.

Christmas Essentials

There are some things that Christmas just can’t go without, however you celebrate. From trees to tinsel to turkey, we’ve put together a list of all the Christmas essentials you can get in the local area!

Christmas Trees

Kitchen Garden Café on York Road and Contrasts Florists on Poplar Road are gearing up for their regular Yuletide sale of real Christmas pines. From modestly sized trees to those that take up a whole room on their own, you’ll be sure to find the right tree for your needs. Ditch the plastic and get yourself a real tree that brings the smell of Christmas right into your home.


Johnstan’s Butchers are taking orders for Christmas turkeys, so make sure you get one in before it’s too late! As well as turkey, they have a fabulous selection of other meat products to round out your festive spread – pigs in blankets, anyone?


Every Christmas dinner needs some veggies to round them out, and Borough and Fox have just the ticket! They have a variety of locally-sourced Christmas veg boxes of different sizes, including stuffing and bread sauce mixes, so they’re sure to have the perfect thing for your Christmas veg needs. They also have a box of Christmas cheeses available to buy, from all corners of the British Isles!


Are the same baubles and threadbare tinsel on the tree getting a little stale? Check out the range of unique decorations available at Enki on the High Street, or better yet, craft your own with some of the wonderful treasures you can find in Armadillo. Baubles, tinsel, and other decorative items for your Christmas spread are available at many shops including Household Bargains and Poundbazaar Plus.

Greetings Cards

‘tis the season for staying in touch with loved ones, and there’s no better way to do that than a traditional Christmas card that shows you care. You can find ready-made cards at Enki, HM News, and more shops on the High Street, or why not add a touch of personalisation with a family photo printed onto your own greeting card from the New Photo Company?

Big Christmas Gifts

When you buy a big present for someone in your life, you want to make sure that they’re high quality, will last, and that you know you can get support if something goes wrong. That’s why shopping local is perfect – Kings Heath has no end of friendly shopkeepers who will look after your purchases for life, not just for Christmas. Here are some of our top picks for the best big Christmas gifts in Kings Heath:


It’s a fact of the modern era that the number one thing on many teenager’s wishlists is a new phone. Luckily, you can get new and refurbished handsets at many places on the High Street. For example, Mobile Lab, Cash4Mobile and Repairology all sell refurbished phones at a steep discount. While they might not always be on the bleeding edge, you’re bound to find some good deals, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, too.


Bikepro on the High Street offers all you could need for that cyclist in your life. They always do their utmost to find you the perfect bike, whether you’re a first timer looking for something casual, or a pro who needs all the bells and whistles. They also sell all manner of parts and accessories from jackets to helmets to handlebar grips, so whatever that cyclist in your life needs, you’re bound to find it at Bikepro.

Jewellery and Watches

There are many options in Kings Heath to find the perfect piece for your loved one. If they prefer precious metals, Gem Aura Jewellery might have the perfect chain or ring, or for all manner of stones and gems, The Jewellery Stop on Poplar Rd might have what they’re looking for. AA Jewellers and Gem Aura also have a wide selection of watches, if someone in your life is looking for a quality timepiece, and can provide advice if you’re unsure what to get.


If your biscuit tins (like ours) are full of needles and thread instead of shortbread, then maybe someone in your family is looking for a sewing project to do in those long winter nights. Frank Nutt Sewing Machines on Poplar Road might have just what they need to get it done, from their wide selection of sewing machines of all shapes and size. Maybe even pair it with some cloth from the Haberdashery and Wool Shop?


Do you spend these cold winter months dreaming of warmer climes? You can’t move the sun but you can bring some of the warmth of northern Africa into your home at Moroccan Givings. They have a selection of pouffes, rugs, blankets as well as a variety of kitchen items such as teapots, dishes and trays. Alternatively, Kings Heath Mirrors and Lighting also offer mirrors cut to any size you can imagine, with frames in various styles, as well as light fixtures and fittings to brighten up your rooms.

Beauty and Health Treatments

Christmas can  be a stressful time of year, so why not give the gift of relaxation to a loved one this year? Perfect for those who prefer to have an experience rather than yet more stuff to clutter up the house. At Little Rest, you can get skin treatments and massages to relax and detoxify your life, while the Karma Centre offers Yoga classes, as well as a variety of styles of massage and therapies to take your mind off of it all for a few hours.

Medium Christmas Gifts

Some people don’t want the world for Christmas, but it’s still nice to let them know you care by finding them something you know they’ll enjoy. Here are some of our suggestions for Christmas gifts in Kings Heath for around £30 or less.


For avid readers, you can never have too many books. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, modern or classic, The Heath Bookshop has got you covered. Their staff are knowledgeable and passionate, and will be sure to recommend a suitable that your loved one will enjoy this Christmas. If it’s children’s books you’re after, look no further than How Brave is The Wren on York Road. They have a Gruffalo-sized selection of illustrated books for your little one to begin their literary adventure.


A small houseplant can go a long way towards brightening up any room, which is why Root13 might be just the place to get a decorative plant for Christmas. At Root13 the staff can provide you with detailed care instructions and information to help you look after it; after all, plants aren’t just for Christmas.

Video Games

For that gamer in your life, there’s probably nothing they want more than another video game. Whether it’s the latest Call of Duty title, or a classic game for the Wii, Games Master on the High Street has got you covered. They stock the latest blockbusters and older titles, as well as accessories for all platforms.


From eggnog to mulled wine, the Christmas period can be full of boozy drinks. There are many places to get your liquor of choice, but Wine’o’clock on Silver Street has perhaps the widest selection of spirits and wines in Kings Heath. If you prefer something a little more boutique, Grace and James sell natural wines and wines from smaller vineyards by the bottle for you to take home.


For all things CDs and vinyl, Polar Bear Record Shop on York Road is the place to go. Here you’ll find no end of good deals on music, from the classic, to the innovative, to the downright eccentric. For the music lover in your life, this could just be the perfect gift for them.

Fashion, Clothes and Skincare

You can find shoes and clothes aplenty in Top Banana on York Rd, perfect for the fashion icon of the family. At Harvest, you can find all things skincare, with their entirely natural products. They also offer complimentary gift-wrapping for all their products, using plastic-free and reusable materials so they don’t cost the earth.


A Painted Room on York Road offer a wide range of homeware items to spruce up your home, from pillows and rugs to glasses and coasters, many of which have been painstakingly handcrafted by local artisans.

Thrifty Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for fashion, books, or even furniture on a shoestring budget, look no further than some of the charity shops on the High Street, selling all and sundry at rock bottom prices. At Barnado’s and British Heart Foundation you can find pre-loved fashion, while Oxfam has a hoard of books and Age UK everything from coffee tables to armchairs.

Stocking Fillers

Whether you swear by the tradition of stockings by the fireplace or are just looking for some smaller Christmas gifts for your loved ones, these are our top picks for small but mighty Christmas gifts in Kings Heath.


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without sweets! Professor Willy’s have a wide range of sweet treats to fill your stomach this Christmas, with everything from pick’n’mix and soft drinks to ice cream, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth in this world of pure imagination.


Whether it’s a sparkly phone case or a new set of earbuds, we could all do with some new tech accessories sometimes. These items are abundant on the high street, available from places such as Mobile Media and iFix Kings Heath, and make for perfect stocking fillers.


Sometimes, a single new accessory can change an entire style. If someone you know is looking for something to update their style, why not take a look at Minchy Accessories? They offer accessories for all different styles, from rings and piercings to chokers and more.

New Year, New You

Once the presents are unwrapped and the minces pies are gone, that can only mean that it’s almost a whole new year. Why not take the opportunity to make a resolution to get started on that one goal you’ve always had but never quite got round to? Here are some of our suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions.

Get Fit

There are plenty of places to achieve your New Year’s fitness goals in Kings Heath. The Foundry gym and The Gym Group gym are both open 24/7. The Foundry offers a community atmosphere and friendly staff while the Gym Group has all the equipment you could need. Sports Direct Fitness also has an 18m pool and sauna as well as standard gym equipment. If you’re looking for an alternative way to keep fit, maybe Zumba with CDC Dance or one of CircusMASH’s many circus classes are for you!

Get Healthy

Some people choose January as a month to get healthy after Christmas, and Kings Heath can help with that as well. Shiffa Home and Ginseng Tang offer different natural remedies and products to help you counteract the mountains of Christmas pudding December no doubt forced upon you.

Get Practical

Maybe your New Year’s Resolution is to do some redecorating round the house? Redesigning a room can be a pain, but Grand Interior Designs offer a design service, as well as installation of bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen fittings. If you’re more of the DIY spirit, you can find all you could need in Kings Heath, from Delight Sleep on Silver Street for beds, York Carpets on the High Street for flooring, and York Supplies on Waterloo Road for the hardware to put it all together.

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