May 30, 2022

To celebrate the new station additions to the Camp Hill line, Karma Centre have created a garden scene to honour the last train to leave Moseley station back in 1941! 

Moseley Station was closed to passengers in 1941 – The last passenger train number was 92154 and is featured on the Karma Centre’s sculpture! 

The garden also features a “ghost” sculpture of the Karma Centre building’s original owner who regularly travelled on the Camp Hill line via Moseley Station. 


Karma Centre Train


The Karma Centre are excited about the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and look forward to sharing their expertise with local athletes and those inspired by the games! 

Their services include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, with yoga, meditation, natural therapies and other complementary treatments!

Go check out the ghost train for yourself and find out more about The Karma Centre here!


Karma Centre Commonwealth

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