September 11, 2019

We’d like to offer a warm welcome to RA Coffee, a new cafe that has recently opened up in Kings Heath! We caught up with them to see why they chose Kings Heath and what sets them apart from other similar businesses in the area. Read our Q&A below…

Hello RA Coffee and welcome to Kings Heath! What can you tell us about your business and the team involved? 


So the coffee shop was created with the idea of creating amazing coffee and tea for everyone. We found that there’s room and space for a new place offering great coffee & tea in Birmingham, somewhere that’s accessible for all demographics, a place for people to come and converse. The team itself while small, works hard on itself on being welcoming to everyone coming in, giving them a experience that we would want for ourselves. 

The space itself is decked out in wood because of this idea of warmth and cosiness for everyone. With geometric shapes and line work across the walls, you can spend hours gazing into them.

We use a beautifully sourced coffee bean for house, with the guest continually changing with beans around the world, guaranteed to make you smile with snacks and sweets to complement. 


Why did you choose to open your business in Kings Heath?


Kings Heath is in itself a wonderful blend of people that co-exist like nowhere else in Birmingham. All walks of life, beliefs, income and backgrounds seemingly meld here brilliantly which is a perfect spot for what this coffee shop is trying to achieve and speak out to.


Have you always wanted to own your own cafe? 


Always, ever since practically living inside a coffee shop while at university, the goal has been to create a similar experience. 


What can we expect from RA Coffee? 


The best of things we hope. We have events happening soon such as spoken word nights and acoustic nights. Later closes as winter approaches. We are always introducing new items and constantly changing what we offer so you never get bored.


What makes you stand out from the other cafe’s already in Kings Heath? 


The aesthetics and vibes of the store are quite different to the offerings in Kings heath, the product in itself are quite different from what is already offered on the high street.


Any favourites from the menu? 


So many favourites, we wouldn’t know where to start but if we had to choose:

A flat white with house coffee – simple but beautiful, beans from Rwanda and milk straight from a dairy farm.

A coconut matcha – high-grade matcha complemented beautifully with the sweetness of coconut milk.

A halloumi bagel with spinach & mushrooms – a wonderful satisfying combination.


Can you describe RA Coffee in three words? 


Welcoming, wooden and tasteful.


Where can we keep up to date with RA Coffee?


You can check us out at @racoffee on Instagram and Facebook.

RA Coffee are based at 25 High Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7BB