February 1, 2024

A very happy lunar new year to all those who celebrate! The 10th of February 2024 is the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year, although it is also celebrated in Korea and Vietnam), so if you’d like to celebrate the start of the Year of the Dragon in style, or simply support some of our local Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese-owned businesses, we’ve got some ideas for you!


With their delicious options of either Hongkongese or Malaysian food, you’re sure to find something to delight your tastebuds at Bagus-Bagus on the Parade! Their food and drinks are all authentic, so whether you’re looking for a soulful noodle dish or something spicier, they’ve got you covered. Their Malaysian Tea, available in either hot or cold is well worth a try as well.

Mon Korea

Serving traditional home-cooked Korean food is Mon Korea on Heathfield Rd. They’ve got all the classics; dumplings, tempura, edamame and Korean-style fried chicken and many more dishes besides. The place has a great family feeling and generous portion sizes, always helpful for those that are never full!

Blow Water

Also on Heathfield Rd is the wonderful Blow Water, who specialise in Hong Kong-inspired street food and cocktails. They also run cultural classes and events which you can get involved with, such as film screenings, tea ceremonies, and food workshops from all parts of East Asia. They’ve got a brand new menu for the new year and are open 12pm-3pm between Thursday and Sunday, as well as 6pm-9pm Thursday-Saturday. As a combined event for Valentine’s and the Lunar New Year, they are holding a screening of the classic silent movie, “In the Mood for Love” over at the Hare and Hounds, with live accompaniment from Riot String Quartet – but tickets are almost sold out, so get them quick if you want to go!


This cosy shop on Bank Street serves everyone’s favourite Hong Kong snacks, bubble tea and egg waffles! You can find all the classic flavours of tea and tapioca and get one of their packed sweet bubble waffles as well!

Ginseng Tang

Located on the High Street for over 15 years, Ginseng Tang is a registered provider of acupuncture provider and also specialise in traditional herbal medicines.

Other Businesses

There are many other local Chinese-owned businesses, so don’t forget to check them out, and maybe wish them a happy new year as well!

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