October 20, 2022

Kings Heath is celebrating Halloween and Half Term with our Halloween Cauldron Trail, running from 21st – 31st October!

Our friendly neighbourhood witch, Heather, along with her cat Kit, is making a special potion so Halloween can be enjoyed by families around the world. But this year, she’s missing some key ingredients and she needs our help to find them!

Using our special Trail Map, find the ingredients displayed in shop windows throughout the area, and complete the list of Heather’s missing ingredients. 

Once you have them all, the Map can be submitted via social media, email or handed in at the Kings Heath Library and Halloween will be saved! 

As a reward for your hard work, you’ll be entered into our Halloween giveaway!

To enter, make sure you have collected a Trail Map from Kings Heath Library or download your map here.

Over Half Term, you’ll be able to visit each stop on the Trail and write down the ingredient displayed on each cauldron. Once your list is complete, take a photo and tag @enjoykingsheath, email a photo to kingsheathnews@gmail.com or hand your map into Kings Heath Library! When your list is submitted, you’ll be entered into our Halloween giveaway!

To get everyone in the Halloween spirit, we’ll also be sending Cauldron colouring templates to shops all around Kings Heath!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the Trail and pick up your Trail Map now to get involved!

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