May 24, 2017

You’ve seen the global news about the computer virus that attacked NHS computers. We are sure that you are wondering whether your computer is safe as well.

We asked Kings Heath’s very own computer experts at Kings Heath Computers, 5 York Rd, Birmingham B14 7SA to create a top ten list of things to do to keep your computer safe.

If you need further advice from Kings Heath computers, or your computer is already infected, contact them on 0121 441 2983 or e-mail

Their list is as follows:

These infections only affect computers running windows software.

1.   Antivirus always keep up to date if possible use a paid product rather than a free product.

2.   Windows updates: Always do these updates and check every month to get latest updates.

3.   Firewalls comes as part of antivirus package if you are using a paid product it will automatically be turned on. If you are using a free anti-virus product, check it is switched on.

4.   Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments on emails from people you don’t know or companies you don’t do business with. Be especially careful on e-mails from banks, telephone companies or utilities asking you to press a link on the e-mail and then asking you to log in to your account.

5.   Take care when clicking on malicious or bad links in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts, messenger chat or skype

6.   Ensure smart screen filter is turned on in your browser.

7.   Enable pop up blocker in your browser.

8.   Only download from trusted sites.

9.   Backup important files every month without fail.

10. If caught up in a fraud call number below for help National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre – 0300 123 2040