July 18, 2017

Hello Circus Explorers!

We are CircusMASH, based in Kings Heath we spread circus as far and wide as we can.

In the run up to 2018, the 250th year of Circus we are giving a lot of focus to our youth programme as we believe that circus is the most powerful tool to creatively engage young people. In circus, there is something for everyone.

Since 2011 we have been getting to know the community and understanding all about the beautiful learning styles of every child that comes along to our classes. Behind the scenes we have been formulating plans and partnerships to give this community something that it has never had before. Circus sparks imagination and something that you just can’t quite explain… but you feel.  We are a partner of the National Centre for Circus Arts and the world famous Cirque Du Soleil and have developed youth training for all types of youth. We have recreational and developmental classes here focused around creativity, technical circus skill and performance. We offer a funded advanced training programme in partnership with the National Centre and currently working on further accreditation for our programme as well as offering opportunities for youth to perform throughout the year.

Every Summer we create a professional show which we tour throughout the Midlands. This summer you’ll see Manöken around Birmingham. A bunch of circus mannequins have all lost their place in the world and over the course of two hours watch how they find it again. This is an outdoor experience and free to the public. We’re very excited to have brought 14 circus performers from around the world to Birmingham for our 2017 show and we’ll be continuing to develop it through 2018.  

September 2017 will see the start of two new projects at CircusMASH:

Scratch Pad gives opportunities for circus organisations and artists to showcase new performance in front of an audience. It gives our community the insight of professional circus work being created. There are lots of scratch night shows through 2017/18. Check out the website.

Crash Pad a hard landing with a soft surface to explore new ideas, work with different practitioners and engage with equipment or work. Check out the website for details.

Our Community winter show this year Retrograde will be created in partnership with I Had One of Those on York Rd, Kings Heath. We are very excited about this and if you would like to be part of the show (adults or children) please sign up for our CirqueStars Performance programme. No experience needed!  

Throughout 2018 we have lots of workshops, events, classes & performances that just make you want to get involved in circus. Even for that circus sceptic that wants to keep their feet firmly on the ground… we have something. We’ve lots of plans over the next few years so please come along and be part of this ever changing journey with us. Oh, party at ours on the 7th April 2018. The 250 Bash!

Creativity gives us freedom, circus gives us capability and community keeps us strong.

The CircusMASH Team