April 7, 2017

Yes, it’s time to spring into spring! Easter is just around the corner, and that means treats and time with family and friends (yay, no school, and a bank holiday weekend on the way!) At I Had One of Those, we would like to share some of the things we’re thinking of doing over Easter and maybe give you some ideas of things to do over the holidays!

Traditional Easter games – with a twist!

Pin the tail on the Bunny

Get the children to draw a picture of a rabbit (they do much better pictures than us) on a large piece of paper/wallpaper and use a cotton wool ball to be a tail. Take it in turns to stick the ‘tail’ onto the bunny. As a fun alternative, get someone to wear a onesie and dress up as a rabbit instead – with a moving target, goodness knows where the ‘tail’ will end up!

Egg and spoon race

A staple old-fashioned sports day event but using a chocolate egg instead. Finish the race – eat the egg!

Egg rolling

  1. Hard boil some free range eggs

  2. Decorate with craft items of your choice

  3. Go to one of our lovely local parks

  4. Find a hill

  5. Roll away!

For a more durable and sweet treat version, fill plastic eggs with little chocolate eggs (both available at I Had One of Those). Roll away. Finish the race – eat the eggs! (a theme is developing here…)

Get Tricky!

Bake Off!

Easter picnic? Expecting guests? Under pressure to produce wonderful cakes? (Shh, we won’t tell if you don’t) why not buy readymade cakes and decorate them with an array of delicious retro sweeties – shrimps, dolly mixtures, snowies, jazzies…. Add some colourful Kali (sherbet) or Space Dust (popping candy) for some truly unique, delicious, ‘hand-made’ cakes 😉 At I Had One of Those, we are great at helping with themes and decorating ideas – come and have a chat with us!

Ah, poo!

“Look at what the Easter Bunny has left!” A bag of chocolate covered raisins do a great job of pretending to be bunny poop!

I’ve Bean Boozled!

At I Had One of Those we love to have a bit of fun and trickery, and a great sweetie game we play is ‘Bean Boozled’. Basically, a little like Russian roulette, you take a jelly bean from the pack and eat it. Sounds simple? Well, each identical coloured jelly bean could be one of two flavours – a nice one, or a nasty one! Is it canned dog food….or chocolate pudding?! Coconut….or baby wipes?! A hilarious game, great for a get together over Easter!

Let’s Play

Give the computer/TV/phone/tablet a rest this Easter, and opt for a little nostalgia instead. Playing games is great fun, board games like Ludo, Bingo, Tiddlywinks and old favourites like Flying Hats and the Magical Amazing Robot help children learn as well as sharing memories and experiences with adults who might occasionally exclaim, “I had one of those!”

Time for Treats!

If you gave up sweets or chocolate for lent, well done you! But now is the time to reap your reward! Treat yourself as well as getting Easter gift for friends and family. Sweets (including vegetarian, vegan and sugar free), chocolate, a bespoke hamper or a non-edible present will go down well, and make sure everyone has an EGGCELLENT Easter!

So, from our family to yours,

Happy Easter from everyone at I Had One of Those!

Luke, Julie, Ruth, Jobe, Tim, Billie, Doris