October 6, 2017

You may have heard about the Kings Heath Indian restaurant, King’s Indian Dining, on York Road. We had the opportunity to catch up with the owner, about his passion for food and sister company Al’s Diner. Without further ado, hear about his success in food in this month’s business Q&A.

How long has Kings Indian Dining been established?

Kings have been established in Kings Heath for twenty years now.

Why did you choose to set up business in Kings Heath as opposed to elsewhere in Birmingham?

My father had worked in Kings Heath in the late 70’s at an Indian restaurant on the high street opposite the then cinema.  I myself use to go to wheelers lane school so have been kings Heath for a lot of my life.

As Birmingham is the curry capital of the UK, what sets you apart from other curry houses in the city?

Is known locally as the best curry house around, we serve meat eaters as well as having a separate vegetarian menu, which was recently reviewed in the evening mail of being in the top ten in Birmingham, and described us an institution. Over the years kings have won numerous awards, including being in the pat chapman’s book of the top balti restaurants in the country. It is family run business and has had the same chef for twenty years, so consistently serving good food.

We never applied for a drinks license because our customers enjoy bring their own alcoholic drinks. Right from the beginning we welcome our customers with free papadums and relish and are still carrying on even though the price of good have gone up considerably.

What regions and styles influence your menu?

We serve all of the favourites such as kori, madras, sizzling grills

What is your signature/most popular dish?

Our most popular dish I would say is the chicken tikka masala. We have lots of signature dishes which you won’t get anywhere else.

As you also own another restaurant in Kings Heath, Al’s Diner on Heathfield Road, what made you set up such a different style of eatery?

The Al’s diner was opened about 3 years ago because since mc Donald’s was closed in kings Heath we thought there was a spot for an authentic American diner and has been doing well.

Do you own any other restaurants in Birmingham, or would you like to in the future?

Yes, I own Al’s Diner 

Where can we find out more about Kings Indian Dining and Al’s Dining?

Kings Indian Dining 

You can find them on: Instagram

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You can check out their:Website

Al’s Diner 

You can find them on; Instagram 

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You can find them on: Facebook