January 16, 2017

With over 300 successful businesses here in Kings Heath, each month we’ll be getting to know one a little bit better in our new Meet The Business series! To kick off 2017, we sit down and have a chat with Charlotte Brotherhood, Director of independent estate agents, Heritage Estates…

– How long has Heritage Estates been established?

Heritage was established in 1993 and quickly became established as one of the leading agents in the area.


– As an independent business, what makes Heritage Estates different to other estate agents?

As a family run business we focus on providing the very best in customer service and ensuring that each individual client receives the tailored approach that they require.  We operate in an open and welcoming office in a prime location on Kings Heath High Street and will always take the time to listen and talk to people who come in to see us.  We are an accredited agent with a passion for keeping informed and up to speed on compliance and legal matters affecting both sales and lettings.  Our staff and directors have many years’ experience in the industry and are able to use expert local and legal knowledge to provide the very best service from start to finish.


– Why is the company based in Kings Heath as opposed to central Birmingham or other suburbs?

Kings Heath is where both directors grew up and lived for many years.  Kings Heath holds a very special place in our hearts and we thoroughly enjoy working with the residents of the area and it is a joy to be involved with so many beautiful properties.


– In your expert opinion, what makes Kings Heath an attractive place to live?

Kings Heath has many attractive features such as well-maintained parks, interesting and quirky shops, good pubs and music venues and lovely restaurants.  One of the main attractions for families is the fantastic schools that we have in the area, both primary and secondary.  We also have an unrivalled sense of community with so many social activities taking place that there’s never a dull moment! 


– What sets Kings Heath apart from surrounding areas?

All of the above.  The properties in Kings Heath have a timeless appeal due to the sizes, the quality of the structures and the wonderful traditional features that many have retained.  With a large variety of homes we also can accommodate for a wide ranges of needs, from first time buyers looking for a smart modern flat to extended families looking for a substantial property.  Having facilities such as Cocks Moors Leisure Centre, the golf course, Billesley Tennis Club to mention a few means that there is something for everyone no matter what your interests.  The High Street also caters for most shopping needs from perfume to clothes, food and appliances.  There’s very little that you can’t find on your doorstep.


– How has Kings Heath changed in the time you’ve been here?

During the many years that I have lived and worked in Kings Heath we have seen a real change in the sense of community.  It is lovely to see how much people care about where they live and witness some of the efforts made to improve certain aspects for the good of everyone.  Kings Heath is a very inclusive  and eclectic area with so many interesting people.  It is also good to see the faces of people who have been in Kings Heath for many, many years.  The fact that so many people stay in the area instead of relocating shows just how special a place it is.


– What is the most interesting or exciting property you’ve come across? 

This is a hard one!  We’ve sold many properties that have been special in lots of ways.  From the impressive Grade 2 listed farmhouse that is tucked away so that only a few know it’s there, to the stunning traditional terraces with a hidden room in the cellar, they are all exciting. 


– What do you expect the future of the property market will hold for Kings Heath and beyond?

The property market will ultimate remain stable.  People will always need somewhere to live and an area such as Kings Heath with so many appealing properties will always fair well, even in a tough market.  Essentially the housing market is one that is ever changing so if things are seeming to be a little unnerving, don’t worry, it won’t last for long.


– Where can we find out more about you?

You can find us on Google by searching ‘Heritage Kings Heath’

Visit our website –  www.heritage-estates.co.uk

Follow us on Facebook – @Heritage.Estate.Agency

Follow us on Twitter – @Heritage_KH

Alternatively you can always call us on 0121 443 5900 or pop in to see us at 87-91 High Street, Kings Heath