January 17, 2018

Meet The Business: Esme’s Eats

With the delicious flavours of the Caribbean and dishes made from the heart, there’s something about the food at Esme’s Eats that leaves you wanting more.  The modern Caribbean takeaway has recently relocated from Kings Court to the High Street, we spoke to Esme’s Eats’ owner to find out a bit more about the business and the move to the High Street. Once you’ve read through the blog be sure to check out Esme’s Eats here or contact them on 01214483535 to find out more about their amazing business!

1) You’ve recently moved from Kings Court to the High Street. Why did you decide to make this move?

In Kings Court we were hidden away and would have to always find resources for marketing.  Also, the continuous changing of new tenants didn’t’ help.

2) Are there any major changes you’ve made to Esme’s Eats since moving?

Refurbished new premises and a new menu!

3) What can people expect when they visit Esme’s Eats

Good food served with a friendly smile.

4) What made you want to set up your business?

Because I knew I was good at it and could make a success from it.

5) What’s your favourite thing about running a business?

Being my own boss!

6) To anyone who’s unsure, what tips would you give to someone who’s thinking of starting a business?

Make sure it’s something you really enjoy doing, that way you won’t give up when the going gets tough!

7) What’s your favourite thing about Caribbean food and where does your passion for it come from?

There’s no other food like it. My taste buds where enlightened from a very early age with my late mom’s glorious cooking. I just wanted to be like her in the kitchen.

8) Who would you say was your biggest inspiration to start your business?

My dad. He loved my cooking and knew I had it in me to succeed.

9) What about Kings Heath makes it such a great place to set up a business?

It big, busy and has a diverse culture yet still feels very much like a small community.

10) Can you describe Esme’s Eats in three words?

Authentic, Clean, Friendly


11) Finally, where do you see Esme’s Eats in five years time?

Doing the same we are now but on a larger scale.