October 1, 2021

Birmingham City Council has announced that the Phase 2 Consultation for the Places for People project, which includes the Kings Heath LTN scheme, is now live. The consultation will close on 5th November.

Last year, BCC introduced temporary measures in parts of Kings Heath and Moseley, most notably placing large planters and bollards to prevent motorised vehicles from using side streets to cut through and avoid main roads. Most of these changes were made on the west side of Kings Heath High Street, with just a few to the east. In winter 2020/21 BCC conducted a review of the project thus far – you can find the results of that review here.

Bringing together the results of the review, and the further local feedback received since then, BCC are now consulting on the next phase of Places for People in Kings Heath and Moseley. Through this, the scheme will be made permanent and new measures will be added, particularly to the east of Kings Heath High Street.

BCC are presenting concept designs, meaning that the plans show where a measure might be placed, but do not include the detailed design of exactly how it would be arranged. There are two options for each side of the High Street, and they would like to know which of each you prefer and what you like and dislike about them.

You will receive a leaflet from BCC in the post regarding the consultation, but you can also find a digital copy here

Important consultation dates:
BCC will be holding a number of events that local residents can get involved in:

There are paper copies of all of the material and questionnaires in Kings Heath Library for people who are unable to access the information online.

Kings Heath BID would like to reiterate that the LTN project, and all associated consultation events, are devised and run by Birmingham City Council. The BID is here to help signpost information and make sure that our business owners’ views and interests are being heard. If you have any concerns about this process, please contact Matt Powell, Kings Heath Town Centre Manager, via email here. You can also contact the Council team directly via email here.