April 20, 2017

Glasses are a great fashion accessory. Celebrities are big on eyewear and often strut the red carpet or on-screen donning a pair of gorgeous frames. You can be sure that they were stylised by someone in the “know”.

Wear glasses that either compliment your facial features or your personality, as choosing the right pair can take your confidence to a whole new level. Whether you are already wearing glasses or are considering the need to wear them soon, consider my top 5 tips on finding that perfect pair.

Tip 1: Choose frames that sit well.

Have the top of the frames in line, or as close to, the eyebrows. For women, especially if you have arching brows, go for frames that have upsweeping curves that flatter your brow. Straight top frames are more stern in look and can overly contrast with feminine beauty.

Look at where the eyes are sitting, the more central the better, but avoid frames that make you looking like a goldfish! Also, consider how they sit on the nose, cute button noses can be overwhelmed by wide bridges causing the frames to slip easily, whilst broader features can push frames up so high that the eyebrows can be seen through the lenses – quite unfetching!


Tip 2: Choose your colour.

The world will be a boring place if everyone just wore black, brown and tortoiseshell, but they are probably the easiest colours to match most outfits. Sometimes, however, you need to break the mould and get creative, so why not experiment with colour?

Skin tones, hair colour, facial features and length help dictate the ideal colour. If you have gorgeous baby blue eyes, then consider adding to their size with blue frames, whilst blessed red heads can really shout with red frames or even emerald green, the bigger the contrast the louder the statement! Generally, your skin tone suggests your ideal frame colour, darker skin tones have it lucky as the whole spectrum becomes a playground, whilst the lighter you are the better to go with deeper, richer palettes. If you are keen on a frame split with two colours, then pick one that is lighter at the bottom – darker colours just accentuate tired looking eyes, it’s bad design.


Tip 3: Choose a frame shape.

I’m a firm believer that there are no hard and fast rules to finding the perfect frame. A frame must fit the face as well as your personality, it’s key to expressing your individuality. I see so many people walking down the high street wearing small black rectangular glasses like there is no choice – there is! As a guide:

Tip 4: Choose a material

We love to showcase the brilliance of independent manufacturers, who are willing to get creative with materials. Titanium and aluminium are great for their lightness, strength and comfort, whilst vintage acetate (plastic refined from cotton and wood pulp) can disguise thicker lenses without losing comfort, unlike mass produced petroleum based plastics. We also introduced acrylic and wooden eyewear that bring sophistication without compromising lightness and durability.


Tip 5: Have fun

Try colours, styles and design. Sure, there are some frames that may look unusual, but if it attracts your attention then try them on. It could just be that frame is “the one”.
Ultimately, your glasses are an expression of your personality. If you have never been stylised by your opticians, then perhaps you need to consider someone who cares about the way you look. Our clients enjoy a hot cup of coffee whilst we hunt for that perfect frame. It’s a gentle process that requires time and care. Visit us and let’s get to know each other better.