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A group of Birmingham based businesses have launched a new charity to help provide support and assistance for rough sleepers within the Kings Heath Business Improvement District (‘Kings Heath BID’). The charity will be launched at the Kings Heath Street Festival on Sunday 8th September 2019, and aims to help rough sleepers, or those at risk of homelessness, by providing vital information and support with finding accommodation, long-term employment, claiming benefits, access to computers and navigating online processes, amongst other things.

The charity, Kings Heath Helping the Homeless, will be the charitable arm of the Kings Heath Business Improvement District (Kings Heath BID). The Kings Heath BID is a not-for-profit company run by the businesses in Kings Heath shopping centre, set up to help improve the business environment of Kings Heath.

The charity has applied for charitable status and is currently awaiting on status approval, however, this doesn’t prevent the charity from raising money to support upcoming projects. The Charity Commission is currently facing a large backlog of charity applications which has resulted in delays in application processes, but with winter fast approaching the Charity Trustees have agreed to publicly launch the initiative and start raising funds for community-based projects in the area.

For the past two years, the Kings Heath BID team have been helping rough sleepers and people begging within the Kings Heath BID area to claim benefits, find accommodation and get any additional support needed. However, the BID team now needs additional support to continue doing this and this is why the new homeless charity is needed.

The charity will be funded by public donations and Kings Heath BID will provide administration support free-of-charge.

The aim of the charity will be to:

  • Employ a homeless outreach worker who can give focused support to any rough sleepers, people begging or vulnerable people within the Kings Heath BID area and the roads off it. The Kings Heath BID area is the shopping centre around the High Street.

  • Guide anyone begging as a result of having a drug or alcohol addiction, onto a substance misuse programme. This will, subject to finances, including giving financial support to send them on a residential drug rehabilitation programme.

  • Give additional support to anyone who comes off their drug habit or is found accommodation and once begged in the Kings Heath BID area. This can include mental health or well-being support.

For more information please visit:

or contact the Kings Heath Town Centre Manager on, or 0121 444 5166.


  • thomas moore

    By thomas moore Mon, 22 Jun 2020

    ps the reason ive asked you if you can get a size 11 shoe or trainers for tony is because his shoes were stolen and he now only has pair of flip flops which when it rains his socks get soaked hope some one can help him out he is outside Sainsburys shop on kings heath high street hope some one has a old pair of shoes or trainers size 11 to spare thanks

  • thomas moore

    By thomas moore Mon, 22 Jun 2020

    im looking to ask people if they have a pair of shoes or trainers they don't want size 11 to give to a young homeless boy who sleeps outside Sainsburys on the kings heath high street tony is a polite lad and I'm asking on his behalf so if you can help him he is a skinny blond hair always sleeping and is outside Sainsburys on kings heath high street thank you if you can help him

  • Andrea

    By Andrea Sat, 07 Dec 2019

    Hi, how do we donate?

  • Jayne Daly

    By Jayne Daly Fri, 06 Sep 2019

    Hi, I have a hair salon in Solihull and would like to volunteer to help in any way I can . Either providing haircuts or fundraising.
    Kind regards
    Jayne Daly

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