Become a member of Kings Heath BID Limited

If you are a business within the Kings Heath BID area with a rateable value of over £5,000, then you will be paying an annual surcharge called a BID levy.

This BID levy is collected by Birmingham City Council on behalf of Kings Heath BID limited. Approximately £140,000 is collected annually, which is then spent by Kings Heath BID limited to improve the shopping environment within the Kings Heath BID area.

Kings Heath BID limited, is an independent company run by the Kings Heath BID payers. All qualifying businesses are automatically enrolled as members, and if you want to attend Annual General meetings, vote at these meetings and maybe even become a director, then you need to ensure that you are the named representative of your business.

To become a member you need to be either the person to whom the BID levy bill is addressed, or in the case of a limited company, be one of the directors. If you are neither of these, then it is still possible for you to be a member, but one of these two types of people must approve your appointment – this is particular relevant if you are a manager of a national chain store.

To become a member, simply download the form here