Photo Serv

Photo Serv

Photo Gifts World (Photo Serv) is a one stop portal, ideal for all businesses. We house a team of expert artists who specialise in creating beautiful works of art from your customers’ snapshots. With years of experience and an abundance of skill, our artists excel in turning images into a wide range of styles of exquisite art, such as Oil Paintings, Pencil Sketches, Caricatures, Fairy Art and many more. Our team of Photo Restoration specialists can skilfully enhance, repair and restore damaged and discoloured photographs. Old memories are restored to their original glory with services that include colouring black and white images, removing marks, creases, dents and other types of damage. There is no limit to what our specialists can achieve.


7 Institute Road

Kings Heath


B14 7EG

Phone: 0121 444 0323


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