Facewatch is an online crime reporting system used by West Midlands Police. Other shopping centres have used this successfully, especially in creating ‘watch lists’ of professional shop lifters banned from their area. We intend to create a similar ‘watch list’ for Kings Heath.

To join the Kings Heath BID FaceWatch group go to https://www.facewatch.co.uk/cms

On the top right hand side of the screen, press ‘sign in’. 

On the new page, press ‘create account’ in the centre of the page.

On the new page, put in your e-mail address and what you want your password to be.toggle on ‘I accept the Terms of Use’. Press ‘create account’

You will now receive an e-mail confirmation. When you receive the e-mail, simply press ‘confirm my account’ on the e-mail.

Back on your web browser, you will be asked to re-sign in using your e-mail address and password.Once you sign in, a pop up box will ask you to fill in additional details on yourself. Do this and press ‘update’

You will then go to a new page. In the left hand column press ‘groups’

A new page comes up. Press on the ‘find groups’ tab. You will then see all the Face Watch groups across Britain.

In the ‘search’ box, type in ‘kings heath bid’ and press ‘search’.

The ‘King Heath BID’ group will appear. Press ‘Join’.You request to join will come to Martin Mullaney, the administrator of the Kings Heath BID, to join. If there is any delay in my response, just e-mail him direct on martin@enjoykingsheath.com

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