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Posted on Mon, 24 Feb 2020 in: News Comments: 2

Hello Soul Chicken and welcome to Kings Heath! What can you tell us

about your business and the team involved? 


We are a family run business. Soul Chicken’s purpose is just to serve the best Chicken around. 


Why did you choose to open your business in Kings Heath?


We opened in Kings Heath because we believed and still do believe that it is the right location for independent food shops. 


What can we expect from Soul Chicken?


We only source the best local ingredients from Halal meat from Preston to potatoes from Ely. Nothing is frozen, it is all fresh produce. We season our meat with traditional Caribbean herbs and spices and hand cut all our fries. We also prepare and make all our sauces in house. 


Where do you get your inspiration from, are these all your own recipes?


The recipes we use and the method we do it in is all traditional and passed down to us from family members. 


What makes you stand out from the other eateries already in Kings Heath?


We don't really like to compare ourselves to others! Everyone is doing well and we are all focused on different cuisines. All we can say is that we will always strive to serve the best chicken in Kings Heath! 


Any favourites from the menu?


A favourite on the menu is the wings and rice dish. I have them dry without any sauce too so I can taste our wonderful seasoning!


Where can we keep up to date with Soul Chicken?


We utilise mainly Instagram & Facebook.  


Instagram @soulchickenuk 

Facebook @soulchickenuk 

You can find Soul Chicken at 77- 79 Alcester Rd S, King's Heath, Birmingham B14 7JG


  • MJ

    By MJ Sun, 01 Mar 2020

    I love this place. The chicken is the top: so tasty!

  • Mariama

    By Mariama Sun, 01 Mar 2020

    The good is absolutely stunning and I would give a 100% to the customer service!

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