Kings Heath Business Improvement District (Kings Heath BID) was formed in 2008.

There are hundreds of Business Improvement Districts (BID) across Britain. A BID is where a group of businesses in a geographically defined area agree to an additional levy on their business rates, which they then use to improvement the shopping environment, with the intention of ultimately increasing their sales.

In the case of Kings Heath BID, the geographical area is along Kings Heath High Street and the shops on the side roads off it.

Every five years, a BID has to re-ballot its businesses to see if they agree to another five years of the BID. The first five years of Kings Heath BID was April 2008 to April 2013. The current second term is from April 2013 to April 2018.

The Kings Heath BID is made up of over 315 local businesses and organisations within the defined geographical area who have agreed to each pay a BID levy equivalent to 1.5% of their rateable value. This levy raises approximately £120k per year which is pumped back into improving Kings Heath shopping centre.

The strategy of Kings Heath BID is set out by a Board of Directors, who all own businesses in Kings Heath BID. Their projects are implemented by the Town Centre Manager. 

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