The annual BID Levy contributes to the following activity:

  • Kings Heath BID Manager – the full time employment of a professional, skilled BID Manager, who will oversee day to day proceedings in Kings Heath, drive the on going development of the area and act as a point of contact and voice for BID businesses and Directors of the Board.

  • External PR and Marketing services – the employment of an external PR agency, who will develop the Enjoy Kings Heath brand, digital and media presence, and will create on going marketing campaigns to position Kings Heath as a desirable destination.

  • Kings Heath Street Festival – the planning and organisation of the much-loved annual community event, as well as other community calendar events throughout the year.

  • Festive lights – Kings Heath BID will continue to fund the annual Christmas lights display in BID area, working with local organisations to coordinate a Christmas lights switch on event for the community.

  • Clean and Green – uphold and maintain high levels of cleanliness in all public areas to ensure the environment is pleasant and attractive, including physical improvements such as the planting flowers and the commission of public murals.

  • Security – the employment of a security team to ensure Kings Heath is made a safe and secure environment at all times, who will patrol the area and liaise with businesses and residents on a daily basis.

  • ‘Enjoy Kings Heath’ Magazine – the design and creation of a bi-annual Kings Heath magazine, distributed to residents in the BID area and surrounding Birmingham suburbs, which will showcase the BID’s retail, business and entertainment offering.

  • ‘Enjoy Kings Heath’ Website – the design and creation of the new Enjoy Kings Heath website, which will act as an online hub for residents, businesses, and visitors, and strengthen the BID’s digital presence.

  • District banners – signage to brand the Kings Heath BID area and make it clear to visitors, residents and businesses where the geographical BID area is. 

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