Town Centre Manager - Martin Mullaney - Martin Mullaney was appointed as Kings Heath BID Town Centre Manager in June 2016. As a skilled BID Manager, Martin works full time to oversee day to day proceedings in Kings Heath, drive the ongoing development of the area and act as a point of contact and voice for BID businesses and the Board of Directors.

PR and Marketing - Tiger Bam Communications - Kings Heath BID's external PR and marketing agency, Tiger Bam Communications have worked with the BID team since July 2014 to develop the Enjoy Kings Heath brand, manage and grow the Enjoy Kings Heath social media platforms, create positive news stories with regional press, and execute bespoke marketing campaigns to position Kings Heath as a desirable destination.

Board Members:

Directors of Kings Heath Business Improvement District (Kings Heath BID) limited

Chris O’Neill – Chair and Treasurer – owner of Comfort and Recline on York Road

Gary Baines – owner of Kings Heath Pet shop, York Road

Stan Hems – owner of Johnstans butchers

Phil Alden – co-owner of Feet First foot care, All Saints community centre, Vicarage Road

Neville Summerfield - owner of Contrasts florists, Poplar Road

Legal Adviser: K.J Conroy & Co Ltd

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