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Your Town, Your Business, Your Decision - What you have told us

Kings Heath BID will come to the end of its current five-year term at the end of March 2018 and the BID team has recently consulted with levy payers on renewing the BID for a further term to 2023.

A consultation questionnaire ‘Your Town, Your Business, Your Decision’ was published during August 2017 and distributed in hard copy format and via email to 279 levy payers (over a £5,000 rateable value) within the BID boundary.

The results from the survey demonstrated support for a third term of Kings Heath BID from a majority of businesses.   64% (two thirds) of respondents said they would vote ‘yes’ to the BID, a further 29% needed to refer the decision to their head office or were uncertain and 7% declared that they would vote ‘no’.

Those projects which were prioritised as most important by levy payers will be included in the third term business plan under the following themes:

Clean, Green and Safe

Promoted and Marketed

Vibrant and Accessible

Supporting Your Business

The agreed Kings Heath’s BID vision for the third term will be ‘To establish Kings Heath as a thriving destination to live, work, shop and eat through creating a well promoted, safe, clean and welcoming town centre’.

The BID levy to be applied will be 1.75% on circa 285 levy payers who have a rateable value of £5,000 or more within the boundary (excluding four levy payers whose rates are paid by the NHS trust) – this generates £142K p.a for each year of the BID

What has Kings Heath BID Achieved? 

During its second term, Kings Heath BID delivered a range of projects all designed to drive footfall, promote the town, make it safe and secure and enhance the visitor experience. Some key highlights include employing a security warden, launching the popular Kings Heath Magazine and using a PR and Marketing agency to generate press coverage for BID businesses.

Feedback indicates that Kings Heath BID has improved the town, helped trade by driving footfall and has generally made the town a more appealing and safe place to visit.

All these projects will finish at the end of March 2018 unless the BID is renewed.

For more information on what the BID has achieved go to


Kings Heath BID Renewal 2018-2023

Under BID legislation, a new business plan needs to be published every five years and a ballot held. 

The Kings Heath BID Renewal Business Plan is in the process of being written and will be published by the end of November ready for circulation to levy payers in December 2017.

Kings Heath BID has recently strengthened its Board from five to eight and is actively looking for more businesses to join to ensure the Board is representative of the levy payers within the BID boundary. In recognition of the benefits of working in partnership, Kings Heath BID have requested that a non-voting representative from Birmingham City Council attend their Board meetings.

Alongside welcoming new Directors, Kings Heath BID are proactively reviewing their governance policies and procedures and it is anticipated that following a positive BID vote, an AGM will be held where a revised set of articles will be ratified subject to member approval.

To read what some of our levy payers have to say about Kings Heath BID, click here

Key Dates


June 2017 – Consultation with a sample of levy paying businesses (10%)

August 2017 - Survey issued to all levy payers for views on BID 3

September 2017 - Analysis of levy payer feedback and final business plan prepared in response to business views

November to December 2017 - Final business plan published and circulated to all levy paying businesses

January 2018 - BID ballot papers will be issued and voting starts (28-day postal ballot)

15th February 2018- Close of postal ballot on Thursday 15th February 2018 at 5pm with result announced on Friday 16th February 2018

1st April 2018 - If the vote is successful, the third term of Kings Heath BID will commence

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